Outfit of the Month

A custom curated outfit inspired by our favorite looks.

We offer these outfits in a limited run.

Once they're gone, the offer ends.

Invest in a stylish & timeless look.

Offer ends at the end of the month or when the 10 outfits are claimed.

February's Outfit:

February's Outfit of the Month (OOTM):

Light Blue Class with a Colorful Touch


- Powder Blue Suit - Jacket & Pants ($1,049)

- Custom lining, stylish buttons ($70)

- White Dress Shirt ($175)

- Teal Pocket Square ($60)

Original Price: $1,354

OOTM Special: $1,218

Cardero Clothing specializes in fashionable menswear custom cut and tailored just for you.

We’re a North American company that’s been helping men look and feel their best since 2015.

Offer ends at the end of the month or when the 10 outfits are claimed.

What’s In Our Outfit of the Month?

After submitting your measurements we’ll start creating your very own, customized to you suit, dress shirt and pocket square combination.

Beautiful Custom Suit


Wool - Lightweight, breathable material that moves with you easily and feels great.


Jacket - Includes a custom lining, stylish buttons that look sharp and lapels that'll match perfectly to your frame.


Pants - That fit your hips, thighs and calves in just the right way so you'll love wearing them and always feel comfortable.


Fit - You'll finally feel at ease in a suit because the shoulders, sleeves, waist and length are all customized to your frame.

Crisp Tailored Dress Shirt


Material - A beautiful 2 ply cotton that's breathable, comfortable and feels amazing to touch and wear.


Color - This is the perfect compliment to your custom suit, a crisp beautiful dress shirt that makes you and your suit pop!


Fit - Finally your neck button will do up (if you want) your sleeves will land properly and it won't look like you're wearing a tent.


Compliments - A custom suit worn with an off the rack dress shirt ruins the look and this crisp white dress shirt solves that problem.

How it works

20 Point


Using our simple 20 measurement system we precise cut our garments to order, specific to you.

30 Day Delivery Promise

After submitting your measurements we promise to have your garments to your door within 30 business days.

Perfect Fit Guarantee

If you garment doesn’t fit right when you get it, you can send it back and we’ll keep making it right or your money back.



Your purchase today includes shipping and you’ll not be charged for any extra shipments

Buying ‘Off the Rack’ Makes You Look Ridiculous

Our clients no longer have to worry about…

Sleeves that drop to the floor?

Pants that split on you?

Neck collars you can’t do up?

Dress Shirts that pinch your shoulders?

Suit pants that tear at the thighs?

What’s the cure?

A custom, tailored suit and shirt that perfectly compliment each other.

If you walked into a suit store today…

  • They'll only take 3 measurements (instead of our 20) for your whole body and the fit won't work for you.

  • You'll be helped by a salesperson who knows a lot about selling and nothing about how to make you look great.

  • You'll likely have to settle for what they have in your size.

  • And, what's worse, you'll be paying big brand pricing for inferior fabric and quality. In fact, you'll probably spend $1000's on a suit made of polyester.

"The suit came in 2 weeks (with rush ordering) and fit perfectly. Fit was amazing and the quality was great. Better than anything I found in the chain stores and for a much better price. Will definitely order again from them."

- Lance,

Police Officer

"Cardero's service level was way above expectations...The product promptly came in and was very high quality. I will be using Cardero's service for everything I can now!"

- Lucas

Financial Advisor